Coffee & Cake - No Worry, No Obligation

"I want to check you're the sort of person who speaks my kind of language"

"I'd prefer our first meeting to be a no-strings, no- money kind of meeting"

"I need to know if you can understand my particular issues"

"I'm wondering how you can help my sales staff with their skills"

"I need my current customers to buy more from me"


If any of this sounds familiar to you, then I recommend we meet for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

It can be somewhere that suits us both or it can be an 'online' coffee. Then we can enjoy a great cuppa and a confidential chat about your business.

There will be absolutely no pressure whatsoever for you to work with me.

Once we've had coffee together you might decide you would like to explore a bit more about what SmartBee Business can offer you.

Let's Have That Coffee !

Sales Confidence could be yours...
...Imagine how good that would feel !

Easy ways to work with me, check my Smart Packages.


We'll meet for 2 hours at your place of business or online (whichever you prefer). The focus is totally on you and your needs.

You can tell me...

  • how you feel about where you and your business are right now.
  • what doesn't work and what you don't like.
  • what you want your business to look like in the future and why that's important to you.

I'll support you in getting your sales into shape by providing an easy-to-understand SmartStart Report with some 'quick win' actions to get you going.

Act on these recommendations and you'll get the sales you're looking for, with the best processes in place to get you there. The future shape of your business starts right here!

You'll feel optimistic and confident about what you need to work on to get the results you want. 

Why not start enjoying your business all over again!

Investment - £197

A SmartStart to get you off the starting blocks & sales coming in.

OF COURSE, you may want some extra help to get going.
That's the time to invest in more SmartBee support.

Have a look through the other ways I can help you and together,we'll decide exactly what is best for you, your team & your business.


Together we look at the choices you have for getting more predictable sales for your business.

What will you get?

  • A clear understanding of where you need to prioritise your efforts for the greatest impact.
  • A step-by-step plan of the tasks required and how to implement them to secure predictable and repeatable sales.
  • The confidence that you and your team have the ability to bring in those sales in a natural and uncomplicated way.
  • Regular time with me to ensure you're 'on track'.
  • The security your business needs for sustainability and growth.

What's your part in this?

  • Be committed to working with me, with an open mind.
  • Be dedicated to putting the detailed plans into action.

SmartChoice enables you to take control of your sales now and in the future. Leaving you more relaxed and confident about your business. 

Investment -  from £900

A SmartChoice if you like to work on plans and actions yourself, but just need a pointer.


Are you totally committed to trying new ideas and methods to grow sales but want a high level of encouragement and support coupled with accountability, to ensure it happens?

If you answered "yes" then SmartSupport is for you!

Is 6 months of ongoing support worth it?

  • Do want your business to be sustainable?
  • Are you on top of your sales?
  • Do you often get distracted by all the moving parts of your business? 
  • Do you find yourself falling behind with your sales plans?  
  • Can you afford to fall behind?

What will you get?

  • A structured and detailed blueprint for improving sales in your business, tailored to your specific set-up and challenges.
  • Monthly action plans
  • Regular meetings with me over 6 months

The ongoing nature of our relationship means that, together, we can deal with any problems or issues as they arise and stay focused on increasing your sales and making your business sustainable.

SmartSupport gives you specific, tailored & practical plans. You get ongoing help and the skills & confidence to make it all happen.
SmartSupport gets your business to a better place - faster!  How relieved will you be?

Investment -  from £947/month

SmartSupport is the most popular package.

Not quite ready for 1:1 work?

Why not explore The Sales Hive, my Sales Membership option?

For an affordable monthly fee you can have access to a wealth of sales related resources to help you drive sales in your business. 

The Sales Hive is a great way to get to know me with access to regular group calls, training and Q&A sessions 

So if 1:1 coaching or consulting feels too intense, you're not quite ready for that or you just want to try a different approach, then becoming a member of The Sales Hive could be the right choice for you.

Learn more about The Sales Hive

In the meantime, why not join my free Facebook Group. It's a great place to learn sales tips and tricks. 

 You could always follow me on Instagram (@smartbeesales) if that's where you hang out!

We could be Sales Friends and you get to know me and my style a bit better.(see below)